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High-quality G12 LED lamp AURO-G12-10W from manufacturer



AURO-G12-10W - type LED bulb lamp with standard socket G12 and power consumption of 10W, analogue of metal halide lamp 70W socket G12 (Single Ended, compact, discharge lamp). Mainly used in the commercial or administrative coverage (in the embedded PTO lamps, embedded in the retractable lamps, recessed modular luminaires accent lighting in track lighting fixtures, etc. with a standard base G12), as well as some models of front lamps for decorative architectural lighting.

The real advantages of LED lamp AURO-G12-10W:

High-quality LED lamp AURO-G12-10W fill your room quality, uniform light. Pure light, undetectable without an eye flicker, eliminate visual fatigue. High contrast, provide better color reproduction and clarity of illuminated objects, it is very important for the stores, as directly related to the purchasing power. Due to the absence of UV radiation, your goods will remain in its original form (which is most important for the skin and fur shops, clothing and footwear, expensive furniture, etc., as well as art galleries and exhibitions). 

Replacing metal halide lamps on our LED, you will reduce energy costs by several times, eliminate the need to replace blown bulbs, reduce the heat from the lamps, will save expensive goods from color burnout .


  LED lamp LED lamp LED lamp
  AURO-G12-10W 3000K AURO-G12-10W 4500K AURO-G12-10W 6000K
  warm white
neutral white
cool white
Luminous >1200 Lm >1200 Lm >1200 Lm
Input Power 10 W
Input Voltage AC85-265V
LED Manufacturer EPISTAR (Taiwan)
LED Type SMD2835
LED Quantity 70 pcs
CRI >80 Ra
Beam Angle 360°
IP Rate IP40
Lifetime of LEDs >100 000 hours
Warranty years
PRICE the minimum order quantity is 500 pcs
Order the G12 lamp in a message on mail: 


LED lamps on G12 model AURO-G12-10W made ​​his own enterprise. Buying bulbs from us, you get them at first hand.

We use only high quality components.:

We have come a long, systematic work to achieve high-quality products. After a series of tests, our company has received quality certificates confirming the research objective. As a result, our LED lamp AURO-G12-10W match :

Beware of poor quality G12 LED lamps from unknown manufacturers. Beware of unmarked counterfeit .


We accept payment by PayPal (electronic payment system). For the invoice, write us a message.

You choose the delivery method. Basically, we use international express delivery service (DHL, EMS, etc.) and national postal services ChinaPost and Hongkong Post.

After receiving the payment, we will send your order to any country.

Delivery time depends on where the customer is located. We ship G12 LED bulbs in any point of the globe. Our customers are in the USA (New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and other cities), in Canada, in the UK (London, Glasgow, Birmingham), in France (to Paris, Marseille, Lyon and others), in Italy (in the cities of Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence), in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and other cities), in Austria (Vienna and Salzburg), in Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara), in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. And many other countries.


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